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The Wagner Journal

The Wagner Journal, March 2015, Volume 9, Number 1

The Wagner Journal, March 2015, Volume 9, Number 1

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David Breckbill, ‘Where’s the Drama?’ Personal Reflections on the Intersection of Music and Theatre in Wagner Performance

Peter Quantrill, Knappe oder Ritter?

Mark B. Chadwick, Wagner and Science: Twilight of the Gods Across the Multiverse

Dagny R. Beidler, The Rosebush Pictures of Wagner’s Daughter Isolde

Reviews (live performances)

Not a Pretty Sight: Barry Millington enjoys a psychologically probing if austere Tristan at Covent Garden

No Regrets: Michael Fuller assesses productions of Lohengrin in Zurich and Amsterdam

Victorian Values: Wayne Gooding admires a resourceful presentation of Rheingold in British Columbia

Parsifal Converts to Buddhism: Paul du Quenoy reviews a very Japanese production of Wagner’s last opera

Reviews (CDs)

Berliner Luft: David Breckbill finds uniformity of recording conditions is not matched by consistency in casting in a complete cycle of the canonical music dramas

A Latin Pilgrimage: Peter Quantrill welcomes the earliest recording of a pivotal Bayreuth production

Reviews (DVDs)

Outsiders on the Inside: Tim Blanning reviews a documentary film that explores the experience of Wagner’s Jewish collaborators

Reviews (books)

Dreaming of Utopia: Peter Franklin examines two studies of the lingering influence of Wagner

Into the Woods: Heath Lees savours a perceptive study of dark undercurrents in Wagner’s early works

Encyclopaedic Knowledge: Tash Siddiqui delivers her verdict on a comprehensive study of Wagner

Poetic Truths: David Matthews brings a composer’s perspective to a study of creative inspiration

Ode to Beethoven: David Cormack greets a new critical translation of a landmark Wagner essay

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