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The Wagner Journal

The Wagner Journal, March 2016, Volume 10, Number 1

The Wagner Journal, March 2016, Volume 10, Number 1

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Derek Hughes, Wagner: The Pogrom and the Critics

Barry Millington, Edward Burne-Jones, George Eliot and Richard Wagner: A Collision of Like-minded Souls

Nila Parly, Doing the Diva Dying: Performative Studies of Death in Tristan und Isolde

Reviews (live performances)

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Matthew Rye attempts to cut a path through the thicket of ideas in a daringly original take on Tannhäuser

Forged in the White Heat of Revolution: Matthew Rye reports that an experimental festival production taking liberties with Wagner’s Vorabend leaves more questions than it answers

Sun and Sex in Sicily: Lighter touch needed in the hedonistic Das Liebesverbot, suggests Barry Millington


Reviews (CDs)

Battle of the Giants: Strong casting and conducting both feature in rival new Rheingold recordings, reports Niall Hoskin

A Testament to Immolation: David Breckbill samples three concert recordings marking the 150th anniversary of Wagner’s birth in 1963


Reviews (DVDs)

Moving in Higher Circles: Imaginative sets partially compensate for variable singing in the Frankfurt Ring, finds Barry Millington

Song and Dance: Matthew Rye reviews two highly contrasting versions of Tannhäuser on DVD


Reviews (books)

Genesis Myths: Anna Stoll Knecht assesses a new study of the creative process of Parsifal

First Eleven: Katherine Syer welcomes an illuminating collection of essays on Wagner

Look East: Rosamund Bartlett considers a timely study of Wagner in the Slavic lands

Laughs Labour’s Lost: The lighter side of Wagner is sometimes lost in translation, feels Niall Hoskin

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